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CarolinaCon is a regional, technology hacking and InfoSec conference, held annually in North Carolina.

The conference was founded in 2004 by members of the Raleigh 2600 group. CarolinaCon has focused on presenting educational materials from a variety of guest speakers on various aspects of computing, technology, and information security.[1]

The event is currently sponsored by the 501(c)3 non-profit organization "The Carolinacon Group". The goal of hosting the event is to provide an intimate, informal, and inexpensive venue for knowledge sharing.

A variety of side events has been an annual part of the conference, such as Wardriving, Lockpick Village, Capture The Flag, an "unofficial" Shooting event, Crypto Challenges, LAN gaming, Guitar Hero battle, Ham Radio, Crypto Key Signing, Vintage Tech Museum, etc. The Con generally closes with a game of Hacker Trivia.

As of 2019, The CarolinaCon Group has transitioned management of the conference to members of the 49th Security Division student club at UNC-Charlotte.

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